Excalibur 640C (Excalibur 320C 3 Array Bundle)

Our NEXT GEN Excalibur!
2 fixture bundle
Standard flat fixture design (no assembly required)
Innovative reflector design – 10 to 15% increase in PPFD vs no reflectors
RJ12 ports are standard on all of our X and C series grow lights
Multiple spectrums are available, contact us!
Samsung 301H EVO diodes and Samsung 351H 660nm diodes
Silicone Protective Coated Diodes – IP65
Inventronics EUD-320S driver
Fixture output 1807 ePAR at 640w (2.83 PPF/W)
Discrete shipping
The Excalibur Series are Made in the USA

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Excalibur 640C 3 Array Bundle Series 

The Excalibur 640C 3 Array bundle comes with 2x 320w 3 Array fixtures for a better deal vs purchasing individually. The 640C 3 Array Bundle is two 2×4 fixtures that can either be used by themselves for vegetative purposes or in arrayed patterns for larger flowering applications. This bundle allows for the best coverage possible by giving you the ability to raise and lower the fixtures independently. Tilt the fixtures inward or outwards for better penetration. And to increase the PPFD efficiency by increasing the average PPFD numbers.

The Excalibur 640C 3 Array bundle showcases the most cutting-edge LED technology from Samsung. Passively cooled with a robust heatsinks for an incredibly long lifetime. We offer these fixtures with a range of spectrum options focusing on price and efficiency (contact us for custom options!). Pared with the best Samsung LED technology, Inventronics drivers are our sole choice for LED drivers. High efficiency and incredibly low failure rates ensure constant uptime with zero maintenance costs.

Innovative Reflector Technology

We are proud to offer TRUE reflectors on our Excalibur X and C series fixtures. These reflectors offer 10 to 15% increase in PPFD efficiency due to their revolutionary performance and innovative design. Our PPFD readings speak for themselves! This is the highest performing 320w fixture on the market!

Excalibur-Reflector-Closeup-3 Excalibur-Reflector-Closeup-1 Excalibur-Reflector-Closeup-2

Fixture Controller Compatible 


Compatible with our GIL100 Touch Screen!

Excalibur 640C Spectrum 

Grow-it-LED offers several spectrum options for the Excalibur C series. Our standard offering is detailed below.

Individual Fixture Diode Counts:

(576) 301H EVO 4000K (Combined 1152)

(96) 351H v3 660nm Red (Combined 192)

Total: 672 Diodes (Total Combined 1344)


Combined Fixture Diode Counts:

(1152) 301H EVO 4000K

(192) 351H v3 660nm Red

Total: 1344 Diodes


Electrical Specifications

Power Draw 640 Watts
HPS/MH Replacement Wattage 1000w HPS
Spectrum 4000K 301H EVO, 660nm 351H diodes
PAR efficacy 2.757 Umol/J
PPF 907 ePAR 883PPF – Single | 1807 ePAR 1765 PPF – Combined
Coverage Area Up to 5′ x 5′ Flower
Lifetime 75,000+ Hours (11.4 years of continuous use)
Driver Inventronics EUD series driver
Cables 6-foot industrial-grade SEEO Cord (Standard)
Plug 5-15P Standard Other NEMA Plugs are available
Dimming 0-10v Dimming capable, compatible with all RJ12 Dimming systems (GIL100 Touch Screen and LMA-14 adapter required for Trolmaster systems)
Hanger Built In Ring Hangers
Warranty 5 year
Grams per watt 2.17 g/w (Expected)
Yield 1388.8  Grams
Voltage AC 120V~277V
Amp draw 110V – 5.8A / 240V – 2.66A / 277v – 2.31A
BTU 2182.4
Dimensions W = 22.626″ L = 47.391″ H = 3.721″ – Individual Fixture Dimensions

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 24 × 8 in
Plug Type

5-15P (120v) Standard, 6-15P (240v), L7-20P (277v)


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