About Us

Thank you for taking the time to read more about our company! Grow-It-LED has been in the works for five years, but our lighting expertise stretches back almost 30 years. We are a Woman-owned, family operated company that sees all of our employees like family. We noticed that the quality of LED grow lights have been so poor, and the level of hate that LED was getting didn’t make sense to us. The poor quality of products being pumped out by companies that just did not care about customer satisfaction was incredible. Our entire business model revolves around making sure our customers are 100% satisfied! Our focus has always been quality, and it is our mission to provide the highest quality customer service, grow lights, and knowledge when it comes to horticulture.

With our commercial and industrial connections already established, we can offer individual components and also large amounts of commercial-grade products to our customers. We can even provide custom LED options for other OEM manufactures!

Grow-It-LED is a sister company to 1st Source Lighting, a commercial and industrial lighting manufacturer. Our experience with horticulture goes back to the early ’90s when Fluorescents started being used for horticulture purposes. We had incredibly powerful T5 options in the realm of 16 lamp 8ft fixtures.

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