GIL100 Touch Screen Master Controller


GIL100 Touch Screen Master Controller

Currently AVAILABLE (As of September 15th)

The Ultimate Fixture Controller

Control up to 100 lights at a time

Up to 4CH dimming

3CH dimming to control 50 PULSAR Series fixtures

1CH dimming to control 50 Excalibur or Aegis fixtures

Individual 395nm UV / 3000K, 5000K, and 660nm Red Full Spectrum White / 730nm Far Red Control

Sunrise/Sunset functionality with independent spectrum time modes for ultimate crop steering control

Fixture heat sensor (fixture dimming for overtemperature control)

Full touch screen

Wall mountable design

Fixture power consumption and PPF output display information

(PDF) GIL100 Touch Screen Master Controller

(PDF) GIL100 Touch Screen Master Controller Instruction Manual

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GIL100 Touch Screen Master Controller Product Description

The GIL100 Touch Screen Master Controller is the best of the best when it comes to fixture controllers. Control up to 100 fixtures at a time with individual 4 channel spectrum control that can support up to 50 fixtures. Standard 1 channel output with support up to 50 fixtures. One controller can support Veg and Flower setups by separating each growth stage on each channel output. With full control over your grow lights, crop steering becomes incredibly easy, set your parameters like sunrise/sunset, scheduling, veg to flower transition modes, and more. Take full advantage of the phytochrome effect and Emmerson effect by leveraging assessorial spectrums like 395nm and 730nm ePAR outputs for increase plant size and final dry weight. The inclusion of UV to this equation also helps increase leaf surface area and secondary metabolites and defense chemicals like THC.

GIL100 Compatible Fixtures

GIL100 Channel Outputs

With built in Temperature and Humidity sensors, we offer an all in one information station to properly gauge your growing environment in a easy to use touch screen package. See the diagram below to get a good idea of how the touch screen will connected to the fixtures and sensors.


GIL100 RJ12 and RJ45 Wiring

The diagram below shows how each output is wired in case you DIY’ers would like to take your DIY setup to the next level!


RJ45 (Right) used for 4 Channel Dimming UV to IR Control and RJ12 (Left) used for basic 0-10v dimming applications for single channel fixture control.

GIL100 Fixture Compatibility


GIL100 Instructions 

The Interface is simple to use and set your parameters while showing all relative information in one place. See below for a quick overview of the basic instructions for the GIL100.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 6 in


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