Excalibur 320C 3 Array

Excalibur 320C 3 Array

Our NEXT GEN Excalibur!
Standard flat fixture design (no assembly required)
Innovative reflector design – 10 to 15% increase in PPFD vs no reflectors
RJ12 ports are standard on all of our X and C series grow lights
Multiple spectrums are available, contact us!
Ledestar 302H Evo, 302H HE, and 351V HE 660nm Diodes
Silicone Protective Coated Diodes – IP65
Inventronics EUD-320S driver
Fixture output 976 ePAR at 320w (3.05 PPF/W)
Discrete shipping
The Excalibur Series are Made in the USA



Excalibur 320C 3 Array

The Excalibur 320C is the evolution of our Excalibur King LED fixtures. The 320C is a 2×4 fixture that can either be used by itself for vegetative purposes or in arrayed patterns for large flowering rooms. Perfect for 2×4 grow tents! The Excalibur 320C showcases the most cutting-edge LED technology from Ledestar. Passively cooled with a robust heatsinks for an incredibly long lifetime. We offer these fixtures with a range of spectrum options focusing on price and efficiency (contact us for custom options!).

Pared with the best Ledestar LED technology, Inventronics drivers are our sole choice for LED drivers. High efficiency and incredibly low failure rates ensure constant uptime with zero maintenance costs.

Innovative Reflector Technology

We are proud to offer TRUE reflectors on our Excalibur X and C series fixtures. These reflectors offer 10 to 15% increase in PPFD efficiency due to their revolutionary performance and innovative design. Our PPFD readings speak for themselves! This is the highest performing 320w fixture on the market!

Conformal Coated LED Boards 

Our latest boards are conformal coated to help withstand the harsh environments that are commonly associated with indoor horticulture applications. Conformal coating ensures that each board will maintain its rated lifetime and be protected from intrusion from water, foliar spray, and other liquids that may come into contact with the diodes.

All-Aluminum Substrate

Our fixtures are designed for harsh environments where plastic just wont make the cut! We designed these fixtures to be incredibly robust and opting for a 100% aluminum construction not only for increased fixture performance but for a long lasting, corrosion resistant, American Aluminum housing. We designed this housing to help reduce the junciton temperature of the diodes for an long lasting lumen maintenance (lighting industry term for how long the fixture will output light without degrading). This translates into a fixture that will maintain its output for a much longer time vs our competitors.


Fixture Efficacy

Our brand new Hotri-Centric spectrum offers top tier performance compared to our competition. We designed this spectrum over years of testing to ensure our customers will producing high yields and quality flowers run after run. Utilizing dual-blue LED phosphors, we can proudly state we manage to achieve a PPF efficacy of 2.98 umol/J and an ePAR efficacy of 3.05 umol/J!

IP67 Waterproof Design

Not only are the LED boards conformal coated but the entire housing is protected from water intrusion! We use special IP67 connectors, IP67 Inventronics Drivers, and Conformal coated LED Boards. Never worry about getting you LED fixtures wet again!

Modularity and Flexibility

Our 640C bundle and 320C fixtures offer the ability to hang each unit at various heights, angles, and directions for the ultimate flexiblity in your grow. Angle them inwards to help increase the canopy penetration for taller plants. Raise and lower each side in case some plants are just a little shorter for optimum PPFD canopy levels. Even mount them completely vertically for ultra high powered side lighting!

Excalibur-640C-X1-Spectrum-Equal-Heights-scaled Excalibur-640C-X1-Spectrum-Different-Heights-scaled Excalibur-640C-X1-Spectrum-Angled-scaled

Fixture Controller Compatible 

Control the Excalibur series with our GIL100 Touch Screen Controller or if you already are using another controller, enjoy complete compatibility with other industry leading control systems through the integrated RJ14 port! The Excalibur Series also comes standard with a Dimmer Knob for fixture output control right out of the box.



Excalibur 320C V1 Spectrum 

Fixture Diode Counts:

(576) 302H 4000K 450nm Blue Ledestar Diodes

(576) 302H EVO 3500K 437nm Blue Ledestar Diodes

(96) 351V HE Series 660nm Red Ledestar Diodes

Total: 1248 Diodes

Previous Fixture Versions Total: 672 Diodes (85% MORE DIODES!)

Excalibur 640C Spectrum PPF Graph

PPFD and Spectrum Information

This reading was taken with the Asensetek Lighting Passport Pro at 24″ below the fixture.


Spectrum breakdown percentages:

Total Photons Measured at Canopy Height of 24″ 865.37 PPFD

Blue Photons 400 – 499nm (122.5 PPFD) 14.15%

Green Photons 500 – 599nm (362.86 PPFD) 41.9%

Red Photons 600 – 700nm (380 PPFD) 43.9%

Additional UV and IR Photons

UV Photons 380-399nm (1.36 PPFD) .15% Additional Photons

Far Red Photons 701 – 780 (22.39 PPFD) 2.5% Additional Photons

Compared to Our Competition

Not only are we Made in the United States, we also offer an incredible deal vs our competition! Check out the comparisons below:

Grand Master LEDs Torch 320

System PPF Efficacy 2.68 umol/joule
Total output 858 PPF Single


-Dual Blue Phosphor!

-Made in China…

Price: $420

2024 Growcraft X3 Duo 330W

System PPF Efficacy Unknown… Old version 2.81 umol/J
Total output Unknown… Old version 843 PPF

-Conformal Coated LEDs!

-Made in USA!

Price: $575.49

HLG 350 Diablo

System PPF Efficacy 2.76 umol/joule
Total output 937 PPF Single

-Unknown IP status…

-Unknown Conformal Coating status…


-Made in USA!

Price: $549.00 ($1098 for Bundle)


System PPF Efficacy 2.98 umol/joule
Total output 976 PPF Single 


-Conformal Coated Boards!

-Mirror Reflectors (98% Reflectance!)

-Dual Blue Phosphor!

-All Aluminum Design!

-Made in the USA!

Price: $429

The choice is CLEAR, Grow-It offers the highest performance at the lowest prices and we are still MADE IN AMERICA! 

Electrical Specifications

Power Draw 320 Watts
HPS/MH Replacement Wattage 600w HPS
Spectrum 3500K EVO 302H, 4000K 302H, 351V HE 660nm
PAR efficacy 2.98 Umol/J
PPF 953.5 ePAR 976 PPF
Coverage Area Up to 2′ x 4′ Flower
Lifetime 75,000+ Hours (11.4 years of continuous use)
Driver Inventronics EUM-320 series driver
Cables 6-foot industrial-grade SEEO Cord (Standard)
Plug 5-15P Standard Other NEMA Plugs are available
Dimming 0-10v Dimming capable, compatible with all RJ12 Dimming systems (GIL100 Touch Screen and LMA-14 adapter required for Trolmaster systems)
Hanger Built In Ring Hangers
Warranty 5 year
Grams per watt 2.31 g/w (Expected)
Yield 1482 Grams
Voltage AC 120V~277V
Amp draw 110V – 5.8A / 240V – 2.66A / 277v – 2.31A
BTU 2182.4
Dimensions W = 22.626″ L = 47.391″ H = 3.721″ – Individual Fixture Dimensions

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 24 × 8 in
Plug Type

5-15P (120v) Standard, 6-15P (240v), L7-20P (277v)


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