600w Aegis Series Gen 2


600w Aegis Series Gen 2

  • Commercial LED Grow Light
  • Premium Samsung LEDs
  • Premium Inventronics LED drivers
  • Effective and Reliable Passive Cooling
  • High efficacy white light spectrum
  • Replaceable, interchangeable, repairable construction
  • Higher diode count vs original Aegis
  • Stand-alone dimmer knob or RJ12 Connector for Trolmaster Systems
  • Robust aluminum construction (25 lbs of metal for 600w option!)
  • Universal power supply (110v, 120v, 240v, 277v)
  • 5-year warranty
  • Incredible Watt per $ and PPF per $
  • The Aegis Series are Made in the USA




Aegis Series Gen 2 Product Description

The Aegis Series Gen 2 LED Grow Light, this design goes for passive cooling, high output full-spectrum light, with multiple spectra and wattage options. Each fixture is designed for an extremely long life with a great warranty. Current offerings are 320 watts, 620 watts, and 1240 watts, perfect for direct replacement of 600w, 1000w, and higher HPS and Metal halide lighting systems. Each spectrum is perfectly tailored to Vegging, Flowering, and Full Cycle growing. The Gen 2 Aegis is also compatible with our Quasar LED Boards for extra output and UV to IR capabilities. Custom spectrums are available upon request!

Compatible with our GIL100 Touch Screen!

Aegis Remote Mount Driver Capability

Remove the extra heat source from your grow space! Each Aegis Gen 2 comes with a remote mount driver bracket, we also sell an extension cord to give you extra length to place your driver where you need it.

600w-Aegis-Gen-2-remote-mount-driver-example-resize fix

Spectrum Options

Grow-it-LED offers three spectrum options for the Aegis series, each spectrum is detailed below.

Vegetative Spectrum

Our blue heavy spectrum is designed to keep internodal spacing tight while covering a large area. We also incorporate a small amount of 660nm light to help speed up the photosynthesis process for a quicker vegging period. PPFD measurements are taken at about 18 inches from the fixture.

Diode Counts:

(1024) 301B 5000K

(384) 301H 5400K

(64) 351H 660nm

Total: 1472 Diodes

Flower Spectrum

The flower spectrum offers a high red to blue ratio of 2.63:1 R/B and a color temperature of 3500K. This spectrum is ideal for flowering but could also be used for full-cycle growing. PPFD measurements are taken at about 18 inches from the fixture.

(1024) 301B 3000K

(384) 301H 5400K

(64) 351H 660nm

Total: 1472 Diodes

PPFD Measurements 

Official PPFD measurements coming soon!

Electrical Specifications

Power Draw 620w
HPS/MH Replacement Wattage 1000w HPS
Spectrum 301B, 301H, 351H diodes in various combinations to provide specific spectrums
PAR efficacy PAR eff. is based on each spectrum, varying from 2.5 to 2.8+ Umol/J
PPF Spectrum dependent (2.6 to 2.8)
Coverage Area 5′ x 5′ flower and 6′ x 6′ veg
Lifetime 75,000+ Hours (11.4 years of continuous use)
Driver Inventronics EUD series driver
Cables 6-foot industrial-grade SEEO Cord (Standard)
Plug 5-15P Standard Other NEMA Plugs are available
Dimming 0-10v Dimming capable, compatible with all RJ12 Dimming systems (GIL100 Touch Screen and LMA-14 adapter required for Trolmaster systems)
Hanger Built-in hanging holes
Warranty 5 year
Grams per watt 1.81 g/w (Expected)
Yield 1122.2 Grams
Voltage AC 120V~277V
Amp draw 110V – 5.17A / 240V – 3.08A
BTU 2114
Dimensions W = 24″ L = 24″ H = 3″


Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 28 × 6 in

Vegging, Flowering, UV to IR Full Spectrum, L2 Horticulture Gen 2


NEMA 5-15P (120v) Standard, NEMA 6-15P (240v), NEMA L7-20P (277v)


Dimming Knob (Standard), RJ12 Trolmaster Connector

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