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Excalibur X-Series

The latest and greatest from Grow-It-LED!
the ONLY folding grow light made in the US
ALL METAL construction
extreme outputs and efficiency
excellent 5 year warranty
The bEST reflector design on the market
Only the best samsung diodes

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Aegis Gen 2

-Direct 1000w DE-HPS replacement
-High Effeciency System of 2.75 Umol/J+
-Premium Samsung LEDs
-Premium Inventronics LED drivers
-Remote driver mounting capabilities
-High efficacy white light spectrum
-Replaceable, interchangeable, Upgradeable construction
-Wireless control Ready
-Robust aluminum construction
-5 year warranty

DIY Products

-grow-it-led custom lED Boards
-Samsung LED Boards
-Luminus COBs
-Inventonics Drivers
-In house built heatsinks 2ft and 4ft
-Manual and Wireless controls
-cords, plugs and wire connectors
-High Quality thermal Grease
-Fasteners and hanging equipment
-Excellent Prices!

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Excalibur Mini Series

-Designed for supplemental lighting
-hang-able in any direction
-2ft and 4ft lenghts
-perfect for seedlings and vegging
-dimmer knob and power switch
-high performance Samsung LEDs
-High quality osram drivers
-45w and 90w versions available
-up to 3.0 umol/J for current versions

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