Commercial Trial

Are you ready to get with the times? How does saving money on your power bill, increasing your flower quality, and having ultimate control over your grow sound? We are pleased to offer you our Commercial Trial to help launch you into the realm of a high return on investment by providing you the “key to the city” for your grow!

Grow-It-LED is excited to offer you cutting edge LED technology that has been scientifically engineered to increase your final products weight, quality, and value.

Take control of your grow and build your empire!

  • Five-year factory warranty
  • Commercial Trial Pricing Plan
  • Repairable, upgradeable construction
  • Proven higher yield and final product quality
  • Adjustable spectrum for ultimate plant physiological control
  • Full-spectrum photons for easy veg to flower transition
  • Ultra-high efficiency for energy savings
  • Great ROI reduce your energy consumption while maintaining final product quality
  • Multiple fixture designs with different spectrum options offering a large variety of pricing options
  • Wireless control system to gain maximum control over your facility
  • Reduce your maintenance costs by eliminating regular bulb changes

Take advantage of our trial!

  • Our Commercial Trial Program offers discounted prices!
  • Be listed in our “featured grows” page on our website.
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee, if you are not happy we will offer a complete refund.
  • Get incredible exposure by being featured AND be the center of attention on our scientific publication!

Lets get this ball rolling!

Fill out the form below, read our Commercial Trial Terms, and we will be in contact with you!

You must be running a total of 16000 Watts of legacy technology lighting systems for your application to be accepted.
What date are you planning to switch out your fixtures?
This gives us a better idea of what your requirements will be.
What are the dimensions of your grow room? Distance to the canopy? Grow room layout? Temperature? Humidity? CO2 supplementation? Try to answer to the best of your ability.

***Please contact us for Commercial Trial Terms***

(We are currently drafting up this contract and it will be available on the website momentarily.)