UVC Handheld Sanitizer


  • Kills COVID-19 Viruses, Mold, Bacteria, and Parasites
  • Chemical-free deep sanitizing solution
  • Disinfect more surface area in less time
  • Ergonomic top and end handle grips
  • Philips High Output UV lamps
  • All fixtures are MADE in the USA


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UVC Handheld Sanitizer Description

The UVC handheld sanitizer by 1st Source Lighting is a powerful, chemical-free UVC handheld solution for surfaces that require deep cleaning with minimal time. Ideal for sanitizing growing equipment that might be sensitive to chemicals. Speed up your cleaning downtime by utilizing UVC technology to sanitize at a higher rate than chemical methods. Our industrial UV handheld sanitizer features handle grips located on top and end caps for ergonomic balance and easy maneuvering. Equipped with a high-specular UV reflector for maximum output and a heavy-duty wire guard for lamp protection and user safety. Available with 1 or 2 lamps.

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 Features & Specifications

  • High specular UV reflector for maximum intensity
  • Top and end handles for easy maneuvering
  • Operating hour meter-suggested lamp swap out at 6,000 hours
  • Manual on-off toggle switch
  • Cord length up to 15 feet with molded 120v plug
  • 1-lamp operating wattage 77 watts, 38 UV output watts
  • 2-lamp operating wattage 142 watts, 76 output watts
  • Philips TUV P-LL High Output lamps
  • Advance PureVolt IUV-2560 ballast, 120-240v, 50-60 Hz
  • UVC Band: UVC254nm (200-280nm)
  • 15% dose deprecation over lifetime


  • .040 pre-painted aluminum housing dissipates heat
  • Heavy-duty 2×2 grid steel wire guard
  • UV stabilized lamp sockets and wiring for long life
  • Fastener end clips secure lamps and provided heat-sink
  • Locking pin grip holders secure lamps during use
  • 1-lamp dimensions: length 21″, width 10″, height 4.5″, weight 6.3 lbs
  • 2-lamp dimensions: length 21″, width 1.5″, height 4.5″, weight 7.5 lbs
  • All fixtures are made in the USA and 100% bench tested at factory

Ratings and Warranty

  • Philips UV lamps: 9,000 rated life
  • Advance UV ballasts: 5 year rated life
  • FDA & EPA approved, RoHS compliant
  • 5 year product warranty (lamps 1 year)

Safety Warning

Warning: UV-C light can increase the risk of developing skin and eye cancer upon human exposure while in operation. As a safety precaution when sanitizing rooms, humans should not be directly exposed to UV-C light. Observe all safety precautions including the use of personal protective equipment.

Additional information

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77w (38 UVC Watts), 142w (76 UVC Watts)


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