Pulsar 1000W UV to IR LED Grow Light

Currently on PRE-ORDER (Available October 1st)
TRUE UV to IR Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
Samsung 281B 3000k and 5000K | Osram 660nm Red | Osram 730nm Far Red | Osram 395nm UV
Silicone Protective Coated Diodes – IP65
980w and 2800PPF output for extreme yields (2.85 PPF/W)
Quick and easy assembly
RJ14 Ports for ultimate spectrum control with our GIL100 Touch Screen!
Discrete shipping
The Pulsar Series is Made in China

(PDF) Grow-It-LED PULSAR 1000W UV to IR Full Spectrum Grow Light Rev 1.1

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Pulsar 1000W Product Description

The Pulsar 1000W Series is a powerful solution for both Commercial and residential gardeners. This robust unit offers great performance with an impressive 2.8 umols/s of efficiency, while delivering remarkable PPFD readings. The Pulsar Series can also be used with the GIL100 touch screen Controller which has an ability to oversee up to 50 lamps simultaneously. Individual command over 395nm UV + Full Spectrum White + 660nm Red + 730nm Far Red gives growers the highest power to guide their harvest. Achieve better results with the extra 395nm and 730nm spectrums by taking advantage of the phytochrome absorption spectrum plus the Emerson effect.

The construction is extremely effortless due to the click-lock system of each LED bar. For our business clients, we are delighted to provide worksite assembly for immediate setup!

Prominent Attributes of the Pulsar 1000W

  • Industrial Strength LED Grow Light
  • High-quality Samsung light-emitting diodes
  • Top of the line Sosen LED power supplies
  • Passive cooling system
  • Activate the LED Bar structure
  • High Performance ePAR Range Ultraviolet to Infrared
  • Interchangeable, fixable, and switchable structure
  • Single-function dimmer control and GIL100 Touch Screen compatibility
  • Sturdy aluminum building
  • LEDs with proper cooling
  • Unified source of energy (110v, 120v, 240v, 277v)
  • Five-year guarantee
  • 0.799 Dollars per watt
  • 28.5 Cents per Micromole/second

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Dim 1 Full Spectrum White 3000k + 5000K + 660nm RedDim 1 Full Spectrum 3000k + 5000K + 660nm

Dim 2 730nm Far RedDim 2 730nm

Dim 3 395nm UVADim 3 UVA 395nm

Dim 1 + Dim 2 Full Spectrum White 3000k + 5000k + 660nm + 730nmDim 1 + Dim 2 Full Spectrum White 3000k + 5000k + 660nm + 730nm

Dim 1 + Dim 2 + Dim 3 Full Spectrum White 3000k + 5000k + 660nm + 730nm + 395nmDim 1 + Dim 2 + Dim 3 Full Spectrum White 3000k + 5000k + 660nm + 730nm + 395nm

PPFD Readings

Readings taken in 5×5 grow tent.

Pulsar 1000 PPFD readings at 12 inches

Average PPFD for 12″ Height: 1347

Photon Efficiency = 3.09 Umol/w

Pulsar 1000 PPFD readings at 24 inches

Average PPFD for 24″ Height: 1093

Photon Efficiency = 2.51 Umol/w

Pulsar 1000 PPFD readings at 36 inches

Average PPFD for 36″ Height: 901

Photon Efficiency = 2.06 Umol/w

Fixture Specifications

Power Draw 1000 Watts
HPS/MH Replacement Wattage (2) 1000w Double Ended HPS
Spectrum 395nm, 3000K, 5000K, 660nm, 730nm
PAR efficacy 2.8 Umol/J
PPF 2800 PPF
Coverage Area 5′ x 5′ to 6′ x 6′
Lifetime 50,000+ Hours
Driver Sosen
Cables 6-foot industrial-grade SEEO Cord (Standard)
Plug 5-15P, 6-15P, 7-20P NEMA Plugs are available
Dimming 0-10v Dimming capable, compatible with all RJ12 Dimming systems (GIL100 Touch Screen and LMA-14 adapter required for Trolmaster systems)
Hanger Ratchet Hangers Included
Warranty 5 year
Grams per watt 2 g/w (Expected)
Yield 2000 Grams (~4.4 lbs per light)
Voltage AC 120V~277V
Amp draw 110V – 9.09A / 240V – 4.08A / 277V – 3.53A
BTU 3410
Dimensions W = 43.5″ L = 43.31″ H = 4.33″

Additional information

Weight 39.69 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 11 × 9 in


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