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The FloraFlex® Stackers allow you to stack your 4” rockwool cube onto a 6” rockwool cube, or a 6″ rockwool cube onto a 8″ rockwool cube. The Stackers conserve space in your Veg room by allowing you to use a smaller medium and then add on to it with a bigger medium during your flip to Flower.

  • Use when stacking a 4” cube onto a 6” cube.

  • Use with the FloraCap.


  • Saves space during Veg cycle.

  • Simplify transition to Flower cycle.

  • Eliminate Algae.

  • Block light

  • Roots use entire medium

  • Plants receive necessary air to thrive

  • Flexible design

  • Easily take tool on and off plant.

Additional information

Weight .03 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6.1 × .3 in


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