Pulse Pro (CO2/PAR/PPFD)



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Pulse Pro is the big brother of the Pulse One, including all of the same features plus these additional sensors & hardware:

  • CO2 data: Dual-channel NDIR, ±(50ppm + 3%MV)
  • PPFD/PAR: Measures the total number of photons within the PAR region-specific to plant growth
  • Spectrum & color analysis: Measures your light’s color spectrum output
  • Light flicker frequency: Detect unwanted voltage changes and assess ballast & bulb health
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery: Allows for wireless, handheld operation while taking PPFD measurements & ongoing data logging during power outages

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⚠️ On Backorder due to high demand. Ships in 3 weeks. ⚠️

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