480w 8 Board 4×2 L2 LED Kit


480w Samsung L2 Kit with 4ft x 2ft substrate.

Featuring Samsung’s latest LED EVO technology the LM301H EVO and the v3 LM351H 660nm diodes.

Ultra high efficiency at 2.98 umol/J

Simple yet highly effective DIY substrate and assembly.

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8 Board 4×2 L2 LED Kit


Build your own ultra-efficient LED DIY Kit, utilize Samsungs cutting edge 301H EVO diodes and v3 660nm 351H diodes for an incredibly high output DIY fixture. This kit includes everything you would need to build a scalable, upgradeable DIY LED.

We offer upgrade kits for future expansions, mix and match L2 boards with white light F series boards for a cost-efficient fixture. Or go all out with our PRO series upgrade kit, unlocking UV to IR tunability at your fingertips.

This option includes the following parts for your kit:

8x Samsung L2 LED Boards

1x 480w Inventronics EUD series driver

1x 4ft Universal Driver Mounting Bracket (95w up to 600w Driver Compatibility)

1x 4×2 (45″ x 24″) All aluminum substrate with mounting features for up to (24) 4ft heatsinks, capable of handling up to 7 Universal Driver Brackets

4x 4ft (45″) heatsinks compatible with the following boards (Samsung L2, L09, F-Series F564B and Grow-It Quasar PRO series Boards)

2x Thermal Grease Applicator

1x Cased Potentiometer

1x 120v or 240v molded plug and cord (6ft)

Solid Strand 18g 600v wire (enough for this DIY Build plus a little extra just in case) Red & Blue

7x Wago 221-412 2-Way Lever Wago

Kit Specifications

8 Board L2 LED Kit is capable of 480w LED power (We recommend running it a little lower for longer driver lifetime)

Samsung L2 LED Boards (PDF)

Inventronics EUD 480w Series Driver (EUD-480S)

2.98 PPF/W (~1430PPF)

Required tools: Philips head screwdriver and wire strippers.

Fixture dimensions: 45″ x 24″ (Fits within a 4×2 grow tent)

Multiple hanging points are provided for ratcheting rope hangers.

Install Instructions

Mounting height ranges from 6 inches to 36 inches, depending on the growth stage of plants.

Upgrade Options

View our full list of compatible upgrade options HERE (Only 4ft heatsinks and Universal Driver Brackets are compatible with this kit)

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 48 × 24 × 8 in
Plug Type

120VAC NEMA 5-15P (Standard), 240VAC NEMA 6-15P


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