UVC Germicidal Products

UVC Germicidal Products are ideal for growers who want to reduce the use of chemical agents when cleaning their facility. By utilizing high-powered ultraviolet C photons, powdery mildew, bacteria, and viruses won’t stand a chance! After each grow instead of cleaning the entire room with bleach and other caustic chemicals, save on labor costs and precious time by setting up our UVC towers and destroy pathogens at a genetic level.

UVC offers an incredibly high rate of sterilization, compared to bleach, mold actually grows back STRONGER when exposed to this chemical. UVC kills mold by damaging its DNA to the point of complete cellular death.

It’s as simple as, clearing the room, setting up the lights, running them for the allotted time frame (generally 10 minutes to 60 minutes) and that’s it! Your room is now free of mold and other contaminants.

We offer several UVC based products; Hand held units for specific areas our towers wont reach, continuous UVC air purifiers that will cycle the room several times an hour effectively killing and airborne pathogens, and UVC light towers for large areas.

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