Grow-It-LED is pleased to offer Linear LED DIY Kits for a variety of growing spaces. These sizes range from 2×2 all the way to 5×5. Each kit offers a complete DIY solution to your individual requirements. Our LED DIY Kits are designed for easy assembly and to maximize your grow space by offering high Umol/J light sources. Spectrum mixing and spectrum tuning are available along with extreme efficiency options.

You are not hindered by using a specific amount of LEDs on these kits. The beauty of our DIY kits offers our customers the flexibility to run a higher diode count at a lower wattage, effectively reaching the elusive 3.0 umol/J threshold. With custom LED driver programming, we can maximize the efficiency of your system and in turn lower your electricity bill all while crushing your growing goals!

Each spectrum is an excellent option in its own regard. Certain combinations can easily replace a 1000w HPS grow light and still produce a product that is far better than that of an HPS product. Our new UV to IR LED boards to utilize new technology to leverage growing techniques such as the Emerson effect for quicker flowering times. UV is also an excellent addition due to its known properties for increasing oil production and terpene profiles.

All fixtures come with a wireless control option, the Casambi system can control each fixture individually. This allows for DLI control, sunrise/sunset functions, and spectrum tuning. Casambi can be used on Apple or Android devices.

Wireless Casambi control is available for this product along with the Aegis Series, Cool Cob Series, and Excalibur Series.

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